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Internet Marketing & the Franchise System: 3 Website Must-Haves for Success

Franchisors or the franchise system can benefit greatly from implementing an Internet marketing (IM) campaign. A key element of a successful franchise IM program is the website itself. Underperforming or poorly designed websites can deter prospective franchisees from making additional enquiries and considering the system.

Although there are numerous considerations when developing or enhancing a franchise website, three basics standout : SEO ; design & structure ; and , downloadable content. If implemented correctly, together these three elements can make all the difference between attracting or deterring highly qualified prospects from making additional enquiries.

Fundamentals of a Franchise Website

  • Search Engine Optimisation: Although implementing SEO should go without saying, many franchisors tend to concentrate on their retail sales and neglect the franchise system's online presence. For prospective franchisees, the Internet is a place to research / undertake due diligence on the franchise system. They can see what others have to say about the system; weigh up competing systems ; and, use the website to conduct additional enquiries. Maintaining top rankings in search engines equates to high online visibility – above and beyond rival systems.
  • Franchise Website Design and Structure: Franchise system sites must also have elements present to ensure a logical flow to the website structure. This helps users when exploring the site and finding relevant information. It builds rapport and compels the prospect to enquire. Many franchisors, however, tend to omit valuable aspects of a site such as success stories or video marketing.
  • Downloadable Content: When a prospective franchisee lands on your website, the chances of them also exploring rival systems are great. For this reason, the franchisor must provide information that is going to instantly attract and compel the prospect. Prospects want access to immediate information rather than having to fill out onerous online forms. Don't let prospects lose interest before they make that all-important first enquiry.

Zanity's Franchise Internet Marketing Service

Franchisors have a lot to lose by underperforming online. This is where a professional IM firm can assist. Zanity equips franchisors with websites that are engaging and inspiring – motivating the prospect to take action. Most importantly, however, Zanity ensures your franchise system is at the top of the search engine rankings and is highly visible to those serious about purchasing a franchise.

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