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10 Benefits of Using Social Media in Your IM Campaign

Social media encompasses thousands of portals, sites and pages online. Consisting of user generated and shared content, social media incorporates Web 2.0 based technologies.

From blogging to bookmarking, social networking to video platforms, social media is increasingly being used to benefit the business world.

With unprecedented increases in user rates, businesses are adopting social media to connect with their customer base. And, although not a direct sales tool, social media is being used for a wide variety of reasons.

The Many Advantages of Employing Social Media

  • Cost-effectiveness: Less costly than traditional marketing methods, the use of social media can deliver returns on marketing investment like no other.
  • Search Engine Ranking & Visibility: Social media can be used to increase a business' online visibility. From link building to keyword usage, posts can be valuable search engine optimisation tools.
  • Lead Generation: Social media content can be used to drive qualified leads to websites.
  • Customer Interaction: By involving customers in content creation, businesses can build online communities.
  • Feedback & Opinions:Via posts and content creation, social media allows businesses to gauge customer thoughts and opinions.
  • Networking: Businesses are able to network with others in the industry, sharing information and news.
  • Convey Branded Expertise: Social media is the perfect platform in which business can establish themselves as experts and leaders in their field.
  • Trust Building: Via content creation and user / customer interaction, businesses can demonstrate that they're a firm to be trusted.
  • Awareness & Recognition: A social media presence promotes general brand awareness and recognition.
  • Message Delivery: Social media content is used to help tell the story of your business.

Social Media: An Invaluable IM Tool

There's no denying that social media has become one of the most appreciated tools in an Internet marketers toolkit – including Zanity's. Social media adoption has already provided businesses around the world with outstanding results. And, not using social media is increasingly considered poor business practice. Zanity is well aware of this and places great importance, when appropriate, on social media being a core component of a powerful Internet marketing strategy.

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