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5 Essentials of Effective SEO

SEO, or search engine optimisation, involves the application of techniques and knowledge in order to promote a website and attain high rankings for targeted keywords in search engines (such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing). For maximum results to be achieved, both onsite and offsite SEO must occur.

Although specialist knowledge is required to achieve maximum outcomes, an effective SEO campaign should be underpinned by critical foundational components.

Foundational Components of Successful SEO

  • The Groundwork : Before undertaking an effective SEO campaign, it's necessary to conduct detailed research and analysis. This can include an analysis of your competitors' search engine activities, keyword popularity and relevancy in your online space and your business' current ranking positions for keywords in the most popular search engines. Once established, these findings are then used in strategic Internet marketing (IM) planning.
  • On-Page Optimisation : A highly important component of an effective SEO campaign, on-page optimisation involves undertaking activities onsite that can improve search engine ranking performance. Title Tags, Meta Descriptions and Meta keyword Tags are just some on-page elements that must be correct to achieve high rankings. Each one describes the page and its content. URL and image optimisation are also integral elements of on-page SEO.
  • Off-Page Optimisation : This includes activities undertaken offsite to improve ranking performance and can involvesubmissions to relevant search engines and online directories. This ensures that important pages are indexed in the search engines and that the website is categorised in Web directories. Offsite optimisation can also involve social bookmarking, blog publishing, article submission, press release submission and video creation.
  • Technical Elements : Comprehensive knowledge of applicable technical elements is a must for effective SEO. For example, the XML sitemap assists in the indexing of pages in the search engine, while broken links should be identified and repaired. Perhaps the most valuable technical aspect of SEO is that of analysis. For example, Google Analytics can provide data about visitor site usage and keyword interaction.
  • Measurement : With the ability to be measured and tracked unlike any other form of marketing, powerful IM campaigns result from continual statistical monitoring and improvement. This data is used to refine programs, ensuring high online visibility and maximum generation of leads.

Achieving Top Search Engine Rankings

Implementing a highly successful SEO program has the potential to grow a business, promote a celebrity, and / or create charity awareness like no other organisational tool. There are, however, a number of fundamentals that must be in place in order to take full advantage of the benefits of SEO. The implementation of a poorly executed SEO program will not do your business justice. This is where professional SEO firms, such as Zanity, can help. By making your business highly visible online and achieving top search engine rankings – the goal of SEO – Zanity can help your business explode and move to the next level.

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