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Blogging & Internet Marketing: 5 Essential Components

Blogging is the act of writing or publishing content on a blog. Derived from the words – Web Log – a blog is a type of online journal. Used in both personal and commercial arenas, blogs are increasingly valued in the business world.

Apart from providing off-page search engine optimisation to improve rankings, blogs also offer a platform in which articles about the business, brand and product / service can be posted. Although often linked to a website, blogs can be used as a standalone Internet marketing tool.

When developing a blog for business, there are a number of important elements that should be considered.

Basic Elements of a Blog

  • The Title: Blog title consideration is particularly important for two main reasons: readers and search engines. Titles must capture online users and compel them to read the post, accurately describing the content. They also communicate with search engines, informing about the subject of the blog.
  • The Body: Of course the content in a blog is of prime importance in terms of information quality; however, it should also be optimised so that search engines highly rank the post.
  • The Date: In many instances, dates are a must. It signals to the user that the blog is current. However, if the content of the post is such that it will not become irrelevant, then providing a date might be unnecessary.
  • Permalink: Referring to permanent links, old blog posts are archived and should have permanent links dedicated to the post. This will ensure that archived posts are not dead linked – that is, those that don't go anywhere. Maintaining active links throughout a blog signals professionalism.
  • Comments: Not always essential, providing a comment area allows business to grow rapport and trust between prospective customers and the business. Prospect engagement and interactivity can generate additional interest in what you are selling.

Making the Most of Your Blog

The blog is an excellent resource to be included in a successful IM campaign. Apart from technical aspects of SEO, blogs are informative and build rapport with existing and new customers. It's a platform in which business can provide solutions and show their capabilities. To take full advantage of a blog, however, essential components must be implemented correctly. This is where the knowledge of professional firms, such as Zanity, becomes instrumental.

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