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Zanity's Social Media Marketing (SMM) Strategy Injecting the Social into Solid Business Growth & Strategic Direction Online

Social Media Marketing

For some campaigns, Social Media Marketing sits at the very core of an effective program. However, participation in this exciting platform will only produce meaningful results if the process is strategic.

Owing to the very nature of social media, a marketing campaign can easily become lost in the millions of posts, uploads, tweets, shares and messages. All too often, firms participate in social media to find that it has made absolutely no impact at all. This is because they lack knowledge, moving forward without a clear plan of attack.

At Zanity, our experts won't let you do this. With an effective Social Media Marketing Strategy in place, your business will be heard and returns on your marketing investment will be striking. These returns are measured in a myriad of metrics, including: posts per day, click-through rates, sharing rates, pages per visit and ad impressions per month.

Valuing Social Media Participation

A fundamental activity of the SMM Strategy is deciding whether participation in a particular medium is of value. Some considerations for involvement include:

  • Is your target audience present?
  • Will participation help to have your brand recognised?
  • Are your competitors participating in a particular social media platform?
  • Will it help you and your business to be seen as experts in the industry?
  • Will it contribute to the development of buzz or chatter surrounding your business, products and services?

If there are benefits to be gained, strategic SMM is all about fitting participation within the overall business strategy and marketing objectives of your firm. Once this is determined, the objectives of the SMM campaign can be developed, methods to be used can be identified and the program can begin.

Components of a SMM Strategy

Zanity's SMM experts will consider all aspects when developing an effective Social Media Strategy for your business, including:

  • Competitor and Key Influencer Analysis
  • Landscaping / Benchmarking
  • Content Posting and Networking
  • Custom Profile Graphics
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Geo-social Promotions
  • Blog Writing
  • Social Media Optimisation
  • Organisational Policy Development Assistance
  • Social Media and ORM
  • Social Media and Online IP

Why Choose Zanity?

Zanity understands the difference effective strategic planning can make to a SMM campaign and the overall success of a business. Our experts have proven experience in providing extremely successful SMM strategies, campaigns and outcomes to an extensive list of clients. With the important direction social media is taking, and the enormous user rates, there has never been a better time to use social media to its full advantage. And it's only by implementing a quality SMM Strategy from Zanity that this will be achieved.

For further enquiries about Zanity's SMM Strategy product or any other service, please contact us today.

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