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Creative Strategy

Poor design can really let a campaign down. Users quickly shun inadequately designed websites, graphics, social media interfaces and apps. At Zanity, we specialise in Digital Creative Strategy.

A Digital Creative Strategy is a pivotal part of the overall digital marketing campaign. Without it, your digital campaign will more than likely fall flat on its face.

A Digital Creative Strategy is strategic in nature. Rather than just coming up with something that looks good and is attractive, the designer goes further to help the business achieve its goals and vision. It caters also to the bigger picture.

Digital Creative Strategy is deliberated, planned, structured and purposeful.

A creative design strategy must extend beyond the traditional bounds of what looks good and aims to provide solutions to business problems.

The Purpose of a Digital Creative Strategy

The entire purpose of creative strategy is to instantly engage with a qualified lead, provide compelling design, design content to entice (e.g. website or app) and ensure follow up with a sale. This is further facilitated by the provision of a design that is user friendly, easily navigable and functional.

Our Digital Creative Strategy process includes:

  • Collaboration, ensuring design outcomes exceed client requirements
  • Highly creative, innovative, inspiring and quality designs
  • Customisation to suit your business, message and brand
  • Delivering brand conveyance and identity recognition
  • Guaranteeing resonation with your target market to attract and maintain interest
  • Designs that deliver maximum results
  • Compelling and engaging copywriting and web content

Design, Usability & Functionality: Key Components of Digital Creative Strategy

At Zanity, our creative professionals can help you with:

  • Website Design. Not only are our experts creative geniuses, they understand and are knowledgeable about website functionality. It's one thing for a website to be attractive, but a quality site must also ensure superior user navigation and compliance.

  • Social Media Design. Our professionals work to provide compelling designs and consistency across the entire range of platforms in use (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube). This is fundamentally important to the concept of brand messaging and also to site usability.

  • Graphic Design. Whether it's document templates, digital signatures or any other graphic design element, our professional designers are able to creatively deliver the brand message and maintain consistency throughout your designs.

  • App Design. Our designers are experienced in creating interfaces for mobile device Apps (e.g. iPhones and iPads). Ensuring platform consistency, once again, is maintained; Zanity experts develop interfaces that are user-friendly, functional and attractive.

Why Choose Zanity?

Our designs are created for maximum impact. We approach the Creative Strategy process much like any other Internet and Digital Marketing Strategy. Beginning by investigating client needs and gathering data about the target market, brand, competitors and international best practice, we gain a deep understanding of what is needed to shine and stand out from the rest.

To enquire about our Strategy Development process or a quality Zanity service, please contact one of our project managers.

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