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Zanity's Digital Marketing Strategy Perfectly Developed Strategies, Realising Superior Marketing Outcomes

Digital Marketing Strategy

Powerful campaigns must commence with well-developed, carefully considered Strategies. For those that do not, underperformance, disappointment and hair-pulling frustration are often on the cards. Not to mention wasted investment and sales opportunities.

Digital Marketing is perhaps one of the most rapidly developing and changing elements in business today. It makes perfect sense that, in order to keep up with these technologies and the sensational opportunities they have to offer, a business must plan and strategise.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing encompasses more than Internet Marketing. It consists of the marketing of businesses, brands , and products / services using any digital platform. Internet marketing is one segment of what has come to be known as Digital Marketing. In most contexts, Digital Marketing is an umbrella term used to describe a range of channels, including: online marketing (e.g. search engines, social media and email), mobile marketing (e.g. smartphones and wireless devices using SMS and Apps), radio (e.g. podcasts) and television.

The Fundamentals of a Digital Marketing Strategy

Highly functioning Digital Marketing Strategies are results-oriented. Our expert strategists gain an understanding of your business, target base and competitor / best practice landscape prior to developing an effective strategy. Only then, can we ascertain your current position in the market.

In developing a Strategy that's right for your business, our analysts undertake a number of steps:

Step 1: Analyse Your Current Landscape / Current Situation
This involves performing an audit of your current Digital Marketing situation, a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats), competitor analysis, international benchmarking, available opportunities and internal resources.

Step 2: Your Target Audience
Our experts identify who exactly your customers are, their online behaviours, how they search online and what their needs and wants are. Only then are we in a position to develop a plan.

Step 3: Objectives & Key Performance Indicators
In order to establish campaign objectives, we must first be aware of your overall business goals and marketing objectives. Once these are developed, we can then generate the key performance indicators.

Step 4: Development of Action Plan & Marketing Methods
At this stage, Zanity identifies the methods and tactics to be used to achieve campaign objectives. An overall Action Plan is also created.

Step 5: Implementation of the Action Plan
This is the practical part of the campaign where the plan is put into action.

Step 6: Measurement, Monitoring and Management
Digital Marketing possesses significant measurement capabilities. Post-implementation, our experts begin the process of measuring and monitoring. Precise statistics let us know what is working and what isn't. Once this comes to light, we further improve the campaign, ensuring that it is on track and will achieve what it set out to achieve. In many cases, we exceed these targets.

Why Choose Zanity?

Our Digital Marketing Strategies ensure your campaign is the right fit for you, while attracting qualified leads, increasing lead conversion and achieving great ROI. Our Digital Marketing strategists possess extensive experience in a range of industries and have achieved outstanding results across the board. Backed by expert training and certification, Zanity's Digital Marketing team can assist with all your business' marketing strategic planning needs.

To enquire about our Digital Marketing Strategies or any of our quality services, please contact us at Zanity.

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