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Zanity's Pre-Strategy Internet & Digital Marketing Audit The Pre-Strategy Audit: A First-Rate Planning Support Tool


Often taking place when the digital marketing campaign is little more than a twinkle in the eye, the Pre-Strategy Audit is a proven planning tool.

Of course, a tentative framework must be in place in order to be able to conduct a pre-strategy evaluation. However, a pre-strategy audit can also be used to direct incredibly powerful and bespoke campaign solutions.

For a campaign to be 100% strategic, the Pre-Strategy Audit is a must. Auditing pre-campaign implementation delivers hard-hitting programs right from the get-go.

It goes without saying; a Pre-Strategy Audit will be the smartest marketing investment you'll ever make.

The Problem: Haphazard Campaigns

Many firms fail to evaluate whether a digital marketing activity they intend implementing will provide the returns they require. Instead, they rush head long into their marketing efforts and ultimately become frustrated with suboptimal outcomes. It's only at this stage that they consider performing an audit – having already lost valuable time, investment dollars, energy, morale and prospective customers and sales.

A Pre-Strategy Audit ensures that businesses don't become caught up in the commotion surrounding this electrifying technology. It provides a level head, objectively addressing the questions: Is the marketing activity really beneficial to my business? Or, am I just jumping in because everyone else is?

Internet & Digital Marketing campaigns come in all shapes and sizes to suit the business at hand. A Pre-Strategy Audit will help work out the right one for your business!

A Pre-Strategy Audit: What's involved?

Zanity's Pre-Strategy Audit analyses and reviews every aspect of your proposed campaign and involves a comprehensive checklist of over 50 items.

From website design & development to targeted keyword usage, social media to mobile marketing, online IP protection to the more technical components such as page indexing, content management system review, tag optimisation, anchor text optimisation, XML sitemap, link report and planned off-page optimisation, Zanity's Pre-Strategy Audit is an all-inclusive review of your intended marketing activities.

Zanity's audit products culminate in an in-depth report of findings and recommendations that are prepared by our expert team.

Why Choose Zanity?

Our audit professionals ensure streamlined, highly functional, goal-achieving Internet & Digital Marketing strategies and campaigns. We've conducted Pre-Strategy Audits for some of the most successful organisations and brands in Australia and beyond.

Whether you require a Pre-Strategy Audit, Internet Marketing Audit, Independent Audit or Systems Audit, Zanity will show you the way to online marketing superiority.

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