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Zanity's IT Systems Audit Ensuring Solid & Secure IT Foundations to Support High Level Marketing Performance

IT Systems Audit

Successful business activities and programs require rock-solid underpinnings. The same can be said for your Internet & Digital Marketing campaign.

Shaky, weak IT foundations leave your program wide open to attack, mishap and total collapse. A small crack in the footings and your campaign can quickly turn into a crumbling mess – whether it is in the execution, reliability, or security.

Don't go to the effort and expense of producing an awesome digital marketing campaign, only to be let down by your IT system.

How Can a Systems Audit Help my Campaign?

The Systems Audit involves a review and analysis of the information technology systems, practices and processes that your Internet & Digital Marketing campaign is, or will be, based upon. It confirms whether the IT systems and applications your business has are up to the requirements you need, are efficient and adequate for your purpose. Your IT must support and facilitate the campaign, rather than act to limit or create an obstacle.

The rationale behind a Systems Audit is to ensure the organisation's IT is being used to maximum effectiveness and is providing, or can provide, a supportive role in the facilitation of a powerful marketing campaign.

Why Choose Zanity?

At Zanity, our marketing excellence is underpinned by technical know-how. We've seen the poor results that suboptimal IT can produce in the Internet & Digital Marketing arena. Our Systems analysts have backgrounds and quality training in IT. We're able to identify those small cracks that quickly turn into crumbling campaigns.

We don't let you spend hard-earned marketing investment dollars on finely-tuned, sophisticated Internet & Digital Marketing campaigns, only to be blindsided by IT problems down the track.

To find out if your IT system has the capacity to support your marketing campaign, or if you require a Pre-Strategy Audit, Internet Marketing Audit, or Independent Audit , contact us today.

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