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Zanity's Internet Marketing Audit Find Out How to Improve Your Existing IM Campaign Beyond Recognition


Continual improvement and best practice performance is at the core of Zanity's Internet Marketing (IM) Audits. Increasing results, outcompeting rivals and growing your business is what Zanity's IM Audit is all about.

Dissecting and analysing your current online marketing activities and practice, Zanity's auditing analysts conduct an objective evaluation and assessment. We carry out a comprehensive examination of what you're currently doing, what 's working, what's not, and deliver practical advice and recommendations for campaign improvement – all the while recognising that your business' needs and wants are specific only to you!

Why an Internet Marketing Audit?

Our clients come to us for many reasons. If any of the below resonate, then you're a prime candidate and can benefit greatly from a Zanity IM Audit.

  • IM campaign results not what you predicted?
  • IM program obviously underperforming?
  • Competitors leaving you behind online?
  • Unsure of your campaign's future direction?
  • Looking to streamline your IM expenses?
  • Need better returns on your IM investment?

What an IM Audit involves

Our IM Audit traverses a myriad of activities – over 50 items in fact. We leave no stone unturned, highlighting key areas for improvement.

Zanity's audit professionals examine such elements as structural components of your campaign, on-page and off-page SEO techniques , maintenance activities, and tracking and reporting. The technical audit checklist includes such elements as title tags and meta tag reviews, Content Management System review, sitemap checks (XML and on page) and Robots.txt check, linking analysis and page indexation.

The IM components under examination can consist of:

  • Website
  • Online Search Demand
  • Google Natural / Organic SEO
  • Online Competitors
  • International Landscaping / Benchmarking
  • Social Media
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Email Marketing
  • Online IP, Landing Page & Domain Name
  • SEEK / Third Party Landing Sites
  • Online Profiles
  • Google Map
  • Green Internet Marketing
  • Images Profile Analysis
  • Traditional Marketing Online Opportunities
  • New and Emerging Technologies
  • Positioning Review: IM & Business Goals

A report of findings, recommendations and a proposed Action Plan are also included.

Why Choose Zanity?

Apart from being at the forefront of our industry, Zanity's auditing services are bespoke to suit your individual requirements. Our professionals have audited large and small clients from all over Australia and internationally.

Zanity's IM Audit (Health Check) is highly regarded amongst industry professionals and clients alike. Providing peace-of-mind, our IM Audit will keep your business just where it needs to be – at the very top rung on the ladder.

To enquire further about a Zanity audit today, please contact us.

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