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Zanity's Independent Internet & Digital Marketing Audits Third-party, Objective Auditing for Maximum Results

Independent Internet

Providing Independent Auditing, we act as a third party to your marketing provider and yourself – performing objective, independent reviews and evaluation of your current or proposed Internet & Digital Marketing strategy.

We give it to you straight! No sidestepping, pussyfooting or vested interests.

As an independent auditor, time and time again we've provided clients with guaranteed peace-of-mind. Our highly skilled analysts deliver unbiased reports of your proposed or current campaign.

Within the industry, it is common to have the same firm auditing and pitching to solve the problems they find or purport to have found. Depending upon the scenario in question, this can be somewhat dubious. Suggested remedies might not always be for the benefit of your business; rather, it is to line the provider's pocket. With Zanity's Independent Internet & Digital Marketing Audit, you're able to eradicate these concerns.

Benefits of Zanity's Independent Audit

Our independent audit professionals deliver:

  • Impartiality
  • Objectivity
  • No Conflict of Interest
  • Unbiasedness
  • Fresh Eyes
  • Best Practice Standards
  • Quality Assurance

Features of the Independent Audit

We are fully aware that no two businesses are the same. Consequently, no two marketing campaigns will be the same. The Independent Audit delves into the effectiveness of every element of your current or proposed digital marketing campaign, covering more than 50 items.

Our strengths lie in the delivery of high level advice and recommendations. It is our theoretical and technical knowledge, including a range of in-depth analyses (e.g. competitor and international landscaping), that identifies what it is you have to do / not do to achieve and exceed best practice. This is also accompanied by a report of findings, recommendations and a proposed Action Plan.

Why a Zanity Independent Audit?

Because our auditing professionals are hand-picked for their knowledge, training and skills, you can rest assured that an independent audit by Zanity will detect gaps, reveal shortcomings and highlight inefficiencies that your provider has missed, thereby contributing to a highly fortified campaign.

To find out how to get your campaign in prime condition, contact us today to enquire about the audit that best suits you – Pre-Strategy; Internet Marketing; Independent or Systems.

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