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Website Conversion Optimisation

Increasing online conversion rates the smart way with Zanity!

Just having an online presence is not going to provide you with the increased sales you require. You must optimise your website to promote lead conversion.

Simply throwing more and more money at your website is not going to guarantee: (a) an increase in traffic, and (b) that these will convert into sales. For this reason, you need to consider maximising the optimisation on your website in a strategic and smart way.

The first necessary element is to attract qualified leads – that is, those that are highly interested in making a purchase (as opposed to just traffic). The second essential element is to convert these qualified leads into sales. Increasing the level of traffic to your site is certainly valuable; however, you want to make sure that these visitors are qualified.

Although website conversion optimisation consists of a myriad of essential ingredients, critical areas to consider include:

  • Compelling, persuasive and engaging content. There’s no point attracting qualified leads to your site if the content is boring, unpersuasive and unprofessional. Remember, landing that sale requires more than simply generating a lead.
  • Easy navigation. Difficult to navigate sites turn qualified leads away – straight to your competitors.
  • Search Engine Optimisation. In order for a website to become a conversion machine, qualified leads must first find you online. This is where our SEO services are critical.

Zanity’s Website Conversion Optimisation Process

Our people ensure your website is optimised for sales conversion via a number of methodical steps, including:

  • Step 1: Website Audit and Statistical Analysis. Also termed a Health Check, we evaluate how your site is currently performing. We examine current optimisation efforts to see what could be improved in terms of attracting qualified leads and increasing conversion rates.
  • Step 2: User Testing. Our experts conduct user testing to ascertain how your website could be improved to assist user experience and promote conversion.
  • Step 3: Split Testing. We conduct A/B testing (simple) and multivariate testing (complex) to identify the approach that is going to work best.
  • Step 4: Zanity will then redesign your website based on findings to maximise optimisation.
  • Step 5: We will also optimise your current SEO efforts.

Website conversion optimisation is a fundamental activity for any successful business online. Too many businesses believe that if they just get online, their sales will instantly increase. This, however, isn’t generally the case. Websites must firstly be highly visible in the search engines and then the site must be professional, easy to navigate and compelling – all of which is achieved by Zanity’s Website Optimisation service.

To find out how Zanity can help your business and optimise your website to maximise conversion rates, contact us today.

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