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"Zanity is smart, innovative and results focussed. Unlike other companies in the on-line space they are not driven by technology but instead use technology to deliver a strong commercial outcome for their clients."

Max Walker, Author, Commentator - Media Personality

John Baker
Joint Managing Partner
KWP! Advertising.

"We have seen an enormous increase in the number of leads and high conversion rates."

Just a short note to let you know how happy we have been with the site you built for us. As you know we went live sometime in February and since then have seen an enormous increase in the number of leads received.

Because of the tracking systems we use we know that these are all attributable to the web site. Better than that, we have been experiencing a high conversion rate which I attribute to the fact that the site is focused on the service we provide and therefore unnecessary enquiries are largely eliminated.

Keep up the good work!

David Stratton, Managing Director - Nevett Ford

David Stratton
Managing Director
Nevett Ford

"They were available onsite or through remote support when ever we needed it, be it 5am in the morning or 11pm at night, and would do whatever was required to get the result."

It is a privilege to recommend Zanity. This is a team of people who will do anything possible to solve not only web and search engine problems but any problem in the sphere of marketing and technology. They have been in the field a long time and it shows. I often find myself lost for words talking about various projects and experience they have.

They helped us deal with a range of issues and regularly consulted on internet marketing. They performed a full review of our internet marketing strategy, and as everything was changing at AFL World they were the one thing that stayed the same.

We loved having them around and even set them up with an office onsite!

I can strongly recommend them to anyone who is looking for the best of the best and incredible customer service.

Tim Fleet, Operations Manager - AFL World

Tim Fleet
Operations Manager
AFL World

"How businesses can adapt and grow their (enquiry)"

The breakfast meeting last week was excellent. I really enjoyed the presentation and explanation of the changes that are occurring with the internet and social networking space. as well as how businesses can adapt and grow their enquiry by using this medium to promote their products and services. Well done, and thanks for the invitation to attend.

Max Walker, Author, Commentator - Media Personality

Frank Bamford
Dealer Principal

Main North Nissan & Renault
Unley Nissan & Renault

"My whole business revolves around the work of Zanity; they set me up a website, grew my customer base by 1000% and even set me up with a brand and business cards."

I love these guys. Honestly I do not know where I would be today without them. I had no idea what I was doing when it came to marketing. They took me by the hand and made a step by step plan to grow my business above and beyond my wildest dreams. They organised everything including getting me a new brand and business card. The results speak for themselves: I am booked solid, taking on more staff, have had bookings from larger corporations and even a book publisher. All this through the work Zanity has done for me building me a site and getting me a whole heap of number 1 search positions in Google. Thanks!!!!!!

Keith Bearne, Director - Break Dancing Experts Australia

Keith Bearne
Break Dancing Experts Australia

"I have worked with Zanity for many years and would recommend their team in every way I can."

As a Chairman and Director of several Public Companies, I have to ensure that I work with only the finest. At Zanity they have the finest.

I have brought Zanity on board on several public companies I am a director of to advise, implement and assist me in getting the positive results the company needs. After working with Zanity for 6 years, I can easily say, "They know their stuff."

Any time I need advice, ideas and help, Zanity is there to help.

Murray d'Almeida, Chairman - Bartercard

Murray d'Almeida

"They were able to get not just one top result but multiple results, and in fact the whole top ten results for many keywords."

I first started working with Zanity five years ago. Normally these sorts of projects are not handled at a board level, but given the credentials and confidence in delivery I took on working with Zanity directly.

During this time they have delivered on a range of projects covering all things internet, technology, and marketing related. Their expertise and problem solving ability is something I have never experienced before.

They were able to get not just one top result but multiple results, and in fact the whole top ten results for many keywords. They helped us find articles, change the order of sites in Google, and promote areas of the business that needed growing.

They went above and beyond what would be reasonably expected and have my full recommendation.

Peter Graham, Managing Director - Baskin Robbins Australia

Peter Graham
Managing Director
Baskin Robbins Australia

I found the information presented at the meeting to be insightful, useful and practical. It appears that the power, reach, and politics of the internet world cannot be ignored, and I would recommend anyone who wishes to grow their business to come along and benefit.

Max Walker, Author, Commentator - Media Personality

Professor Ravi Savarirayan MD (Melb.), BS (Adel.), FRACP, ARCPA (Hon.)
Head, Clinical Genetics Service
Victorian Clinical Genetics Service

"The Team at Zanity did our Ultum web site earlier this year. Not only did they produce a highly functional, well designed site, they provided a process that gave us much more value than just the site. The process really got us thinking about how to present our business and how to market our brand. I would not hesitate to use Zanity again for any future projects."

Alistair Williams, CEO - Ultum

Alistair Williams

"At minimal cost, we were able to get the results we wanted through the experience of a market leading firm. We now use Zanity to run optimisation and develop a number of our sub brands."

A long term service provider, they continue to get us great results with minimal spend. One sale covers the costs of the program for a month. This service has paid for itself many times over. When you are on to a good thing in marketing you stick with it; five years later we are still making money together. Says it all, really!

Paul Crapper, CEO - Essential Brands Group

Paul Crapper
Essential Brands Group

"Attractive, easy to navigate and useful information resource."

The team at Zanity took our existing Holiday Expo website and cleverly overhauled it, resulting in an attractive, easy to navigate and useful information resource.

Max Walker, Author, Commentator - Media Personality

Jarred Styles
Managing Director
Turnstyles Exhibitions & Events Work

"The variety of projects, quality of work, scope of contacts and friendship offered I will always value."

Here at NEC we pride ourselves on quality and professionalism. That being said, Zanity knew exactly the right direction when it came to building a new site for our corporate sales division. During the design process, they went through step by step using their online expertise to deliver a quality, professional, and easy to use website which I was amazed by. They put so much effort into achieving the goals set out during the development stages. They also provided the site with search engine optimisation and online marketing to match NEC with its reputation as one of the largest electronic brands in Australia. I am proud to say that I used Zanity to build our website and manage our online marketing campaign. I can't thank you enough!

Charles Ando, General Manager - NEC

Charles Ando
General Manager

Zanity’s presentation at advertising agent kwp! was breathtaking. Their concept is based on maximum exposure for his clients and moving to the top of the list in any searches ensuring that the client is virtually always on the shopping list of any potential user of their product or services. We took up his offer of a free initial audit, have now engaged his services and are achieving outstanding results!

Lead by a true genius, and anyone not using his talents is throwing money away!

Max Walker, Author, Commentator - Media Personality

Michael Brock
Brock Harcourts

"The team at Zanity was amazing.."

I really had no knowledge of where to start when it came to making my own website. Zanity really got my online campaign moving. They helped me set up a website, create social networking pages, and really helped make a name for myself on the web. They are extremely skilled in what they do and I would personally recommend them to anyone who is after professional service along with excellent customer support. Their work manner and work ethic towards finishing my website really showed me that they were dedicated to do whatever it takes to make sure I was completely satisfied with their work.

Stan Alves, Author, Commentator - Media Personality

Stan Alves
Author, Commentator
Media Personality

"I was very impressed with Zanity from the start."

These guys at Zanity really know what they're talking about when it comes to designing websites. We entrusted them to help us design, develop and market a website for us and what else can I say but wow! We have received only positive feedback for our site from members and viewers alike. I was very impressed by your professional approach, advice, support, and guidance you gave us throughout the process.

I could not have asked for anything better than what your company has provided for us. It has been such a pleasure to work with Zanity because their passion really shines through their work and ability to produce stunning websites and excel on so many levels. From the team at the Premiership Players Club I would like to thank you for the effort your team has put in to make our website stand out from the others.

Jack Collins, General Manager - President AFL Premiership Players Club and Life Members

Jack Collins
General Manager
President AFL Premiership Players Club and Life Members

"The Zanity presentation was excellent for any company looking for an understanding of how to grow their business on the internet and improve their on-line presence"

Max Walker, Author, Commentator - Media Personality

Mark Haysman
State Manager Central West.

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