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Social Media: An Essential Business / Marketing Tool


Supercharge Your Business with Fans, Followers and Subscribers

Zanity’s Social Media Marketing (SMM) service has played, and continues to play, a pivotal role in many businesses ' and / or celebrities’ online marketing strategies. So much so , that, in some instances, SMM has been the key driving force behind the attainment of superior outcomes.

Social media usage, and its suitability as a marketing instrument, is rapidly becoming mandatory in business practice. But , what is it exactly that makes social media so valuable?

The answer to this lies in the distinctive characteristics and the role social media can play in lead generation and conversion. Whether your SMM campaign involves blogging, publishing, social networking, videos, imagery, bookmarking or any other platform, there is a set of commonalities that makes it a powerful marketing mechanism.

Zanity understands the intricacies of SMM, the constraints that each platform presents ; and , the communication styles that achieve maximum effectiveness. It is this knowledge that provides the bedrock for our clients’ campaigns.

The Top 10 social media characteristics that make it highly valued amongst business include:

  • SEO Capabilities: Social media can significantly contribute to Google rankings. Content optimisation helps business achieve top rankings in key search engines.
  • Hypertargeting: Social media facilitates hypertargeting. Users who’ve liked, followed and subscribed to social media are there for one reason only – they’re interested in your business. And, consequently, your message is being heard by the right audience. Because social media also provides detailed metrics, business is able to find out who their target market is and funnel marketing efforts even further.
  • Interactivity: Information receivers are also creators, having the ability to interact with providers. Whether it’s in the form of feedback, discussion, opinions, etc., social media communication is two-way.
  • User-generated: Social media content is also created by those who use it. Business must take advantage of this to promote engagement and share knowledge with their targeted audience on their own terms.
  • Richness: Social media provides for a rich media environment. With an ability to be high energy and powerfully stimulating, the richness of social media, particularly in terms of video, is not only enticing to users, but also provides significant opportunities to business in terms of attracting interest, engagement and conveying the message.
  • Viral: In many instances, it is the viral characteristic of social media that is particularly beneficial to business. Although this has the potential to work in reverse and also create harm, it means key messages permeate a target audience like no other channel.
  • Domination: The explosion in Internet usage and social media participation rates, together with mobile broadband technologies, has opened up a whole new world for business in reaching their target audience.
  • Information & Marketing Convergence: From a marketing perspective, your business is not just solving a problem. Social media also provides a perfect channel in which to inform and educate, thereby branding yourself as an expert.
  • Information Convenience: Social media provides small snippets of information, allowing users the ability to read, understand and engage with content – quickly and easily. In a world of information overload, this social media characteristic is extremely beneficial to business.
  • Metrics: A major benefit, the effectiveness of a SMM campaign can easily be measured (i.e. in terms of the number of visitors, where the visitors came from, etc.).
  • Unobtrusive: Unlike some methods of traditional advertising, SMM is not pushed at a disinterested information receiver. Instead, SMM targets users that are already engaging with the business.

Why Zanity?

Zanity’s people possess detailed knowledge of these distinctive characteristics of social media and how they apply to Social Media Marketing. We know each social media platform inside out and are intimately familiar with what works and what doesn’t. We also know what social media users want to read, see and hear.

In order for communication to be effective, it must be skilfully targeted and tailored. SMM is no different. Zanity customises all services to its clients’ distinct requirements and goals, ensuring that communication occurs in the right platforms, to the right audience and in the right voice – guaranteed.

To find out more about our proven SMM service, please contact us at Zanity today.

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