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Zanity’s Social Media Marketing (SMM) Service


Getting it right with Zanity!

Getting a Social Media Marketing campaign right isn’t as easy as posting, uploading or submitting. SMM must be strategic and methodical, customising the implementation process and effectively maintaining / managing the program. Comprehensive knowledge of each social media platform and its complexities is also crucial to running a successful campaign. This is where Zanity shines!

Providing strategic partnerships between client and Zanity, we employ a number of systematic steps, ensuring its application is fully capitalised upon.

Whatever social media platform is appropriate to your SMM campaign, you can be assured that Zanity has experience implementing it and that your business is in capable hands. Having conducted highly successful social media marketing programs for some of the highest profiles in the country, Zanity’s finely honed service goes that extra step in obtaining powerful outcomes.

Major stages of Zanity’s SMM service

At Zanity, our SMM strategies are underpinned by exhaustive analyses and a review of your firm’s current marketing efforts (online and traditional), your business objectives and competitors’ SMM activities. Major stages of our service include:

Stage 1: The Preliminary Review

A preliminary audit of your current marketing activities and positioning provides a tentative action plan for moving forward.

Stage 2: Extended Analysis

Involving an in-depth analysis into the abovementioned elements, this stage provides additional scoping and customisation. Addressing such issues as the most beneficial platforms, those to avoid and the optimal order of implementation, Zanity ensures your SMM plan is tailored to take full advantage.

Stage 3: Social Media Setup / Modification & Implementation

This stage consists of the setting up of platforms / additional platforms and potential modification to existing platforms. Before actual implementation, a number of administrative processes during setup must occur (such as email accounts for each platform to design considerations).Throughout this stage, our people equip clients with the tools and training required to ensure a smooth transition into the space and the necessary skills required to maintain a sustainable marketing campaign.

It’s also important that business develop organisational policies surrounding the use of social media, providing guidelines for issue management (such as privacy or misuse).

Stage 4: Monitoring, Maintenance and Consulting

A successful SMM campaign must be continually monitored and maintained. Business also needs to remain flexible and be ready to adopt and adapt to new platform features, keywords and online marketing methods. Apart from maintaining and monitoring the platform, Zanity’s SMM service also incorporates a social media consulting component.

Why Zanity?

Our clients and results demonstrate our capabilities as the leading Social Media Marketing firm. We don’t take the easy option by implementing a one-size-fits-all strategy. Instead, we take the time to tailor our SMM campaigns, aligning with your business’ goals and objectives. Because our people are the most knowledgeable in the industry, we simply produce the best results, placing great importance on keeping up-to-date with new developments.

To take full advantage of Zanity’s superior SMM service, please contact one of our project managers today.

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