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Social Media Marketing

Why Social Media Marketing?

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Social Media refers to a range of portals, sites and pages on the Internet. Frequently described as the "electronic word of mouth", it can include social networking, blogging, bookmarking and search activities (such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube).

If employed correctly, social media can be a key element in an effective marketing strategy, providing an invaluable tool for client prospecting and lead generation.

Social media are now considered a "must have" for businesses wanting to remain competitive in the areas of customer communication and recruitment.

While sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are not direct sales tools, they help businesses reach out to a wider customer base and begin the process of building the kind of relationships with customers that leads to sales. In today's online world, more and more people are basing their buying decisions on the consensus of their peers – something that is increasingly occurring in social media platforms.

From an Internet marketing perspective, perhaps the most important role social media usage has to play is its ability to improve page rankings via SEO and linking. Traditionally associated with Web pages, SEO is now closely linked to optimisation and other engagement activities in social media platforms. By optimising a company's social media sites, top search engine results and rankings can be achieved. The outcome is that your company's name, site and links are visible to prospective clients – enhancing lead generation and conversion.

Benefits of Engaging in a Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social Media usage can create a "snowball effect", allowing your online presence and customer base to continue to grow and gain momentum in the online world. Some benefits of using Social Media Marketing include:

Internet Marketing
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Communication of "branded" expertise
  • Building of an online community
  • Improves your search engine rankings
  • Lets you find out what your customers are thinking
  • Increases your company's brand awareness
  • Drives qualified traffic to your site
  • Increases your website's popularity
  • Allows you to interact with your customers
  • Potentially instantaneous results

Features of a Social Media Marketing Campaign

Zanity's Social Media Marketing program consists of several core components:

  • Preliminary Analysis & Review. An initial analysis and review of available options and opportunities is conducted. A SWOT analysis is performed and an Action Plan as to how to proceed with content setup, syndication and ongoing performance monitoring is developed. A review of the relevant tools, training and processes that should be developed or deployed within the firm, to ensure a smooth transition into / within the social media space, is also completed.
  • Initial Planning and Setup of Social Media Platforms. This includes the setup and development of any social media platforms that are deemed to be of value to your business (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube). Relevant tools and training are provided to your business, ensuring a smooth transition into the social media space.
  • Ongoing Maintenance / Consulting. During this phase, relevant tools, training and processes are deployed within the firm and continual monitoring / updating occurs.

Why Choose Zanity?

Zanity has successfully helped numerous clients in the social media space. Our people are highly skilled and experienced in this platform, ensuring your message is received and that interaction and relationship building is maximised.

With such a wide variety of social media platforms and potential options, it's extremely important that all opportunities are explored and only those that maximise return on value are employed.

Zanity's Social Media Marketing program has helped many clients with online visibility, customer database development and message / brand delivery.

We design and implement results-oriented Social Media strategies that are unique to your business and customised to your specific needs.

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