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Our Team

Zanity has searched high and low in selecting the best possible team to achieve unbeatable results for our clients. When you engage with us in a project you have a range of experts who are great at their jobs, working at their upmost to get you results.

Zanity has staff based in every major Australian city as well as internationally to ensure total service at a national and international level.

Delivering the best in web marketing, web design/applications and mobile applications for our clients is not just about eCRM and best practise, it is about forward thinking, innovation and partnership, and this is why we are members of a number of important associations within the ICT and e-commerce sectors.

We are members of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Australia Computer Society, the Association for Computing Machinery, British Interactive Media Association (BIMA), Australian Interactive Media Industry (AIMIA), International Webmasters Association (IWA), Australian Web Industry Association (AWIA) and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). With these associations we keep on top of two of the most diverse and progressive sectors in the world, staying informed about the latest technological advancements in computer science, computer hardware, software and development, mobile hardware and applications, consumer trends, and online advertising.

We are grateful for the resources and connections that membership with these prestigious associations provide, and we translate what we gain from our membership into what our clients gain from their partnership with us.

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Our approach is the specialist approach, where each member of the team focuses on their core responsibility; please click on the area below to find out more.

  • Senior Partners

  • Social Media Marketers

  • Pay-Per-Click

  • Internet & Digital Marketing Auditors

  • Online Reputation
    Management Specialists

  • Link Development

  • Google Maps
    Marketing Experts

  • Social Bookmarking

  • Project Management

  • Email Marketers

  • Keyword Research

  • Online IP Security

  • Search Engine
    Optimisation Analysts

  • Art Directors

  • Graphic Designers

  • Illustrators

  • Animators

  • IT Architects

  • Search Engine Analysts

  • Web Developers

  • Strategic Advisors

  • Copywriters


Senior Partners

Zanity’s Senior Partners research, analyse, develop, implement, execute, monitor, track and manage business partnerships and solutions. Executing strategic activities across the entire lifecycle of the partnership, they drive the success of these partnerships.

Apart from managing existing partnerships, they also identify new partnership opportunities. Primarily involved in the execution of strategic plans, they also take on a consultancy / advisory role. Senior Partners possess exceptional organisational capabilities; analytical skills; the ability to connect planning with practice; interpersonal skills; and, in-depth knowledge of all-things online marketing.

Main Tasks

  • Involved in strategic direction and planning in order to meet partnership goals
  • Execute marketing plans
  • Project management across a range of campaigns and tasks
  • Collaborate with other operational areas, such as internal marketing, sales and third party agencies, in order to achieve strategic partnership objectives
  • Undertake and support partner solutions
  • Apply their expertise in customer segments, market trends and the competitive landscape
  • New market entry analysis and identification of suitable partners
  • Undertake “white space” market research in order to identify fresh partnership opportunities
  • Manage and direct staff
  • Manage the lifecycle of partner solutions
  • Manage partner reviews
  • Coordinate research and analysis in regards to services
  • Work closely with key strategic staff in order to leverage insight, provide cost savings and prevent replication
  • Effective prioritisation of campaigns and tasks
  • Effective budget and resource management
  • Demonstrate flexibility with changing priorities, tasks and project direction
  • Communicate with all functional areas involved in the project
  • Track and evaluate the effectiveness of IM campaigns
  • Use quantitative and analytical skills to perform data analysis and make decisions based upon this data
  • Problem solving skills
  • Reporting and presenting campaign results and outcomes

Social Media Marketers

Zanity’s Social Media Marketers employ the full suite of social media platforms for the benefit of the client. A Social Media Marketer skilfully and strategically uses social media to: promote communication between client and target audience; generate leads; retain customers; develop brand awareness; syndicate content; develop branded expertise; network; improve search engine rankings; and, generate interest and buzz.

Because social media is just one aspect of an IM campaign, Social Media Marketers liaise, collaborate and provide feedback to each functional area they are working with. Apart from social media knowledge and skills, they also have excellent analytical, organisational and project management abilities.

Main Tasks

  • Develop comprehensive social media strategies to contribute to the achievement of IM campaign objectives
  • Apply in-depth knowledge and understanding of a range of social media platforms that support business goal achievement
  • Monitor trends in social media marketing (SMM), tools and applications
  • Synthesise research findings of the existing online landscape into a practical Action Plan
  • Implement proposed SMM strategies
  • Collaborate with other functional areas to incorporate social media into campaigns
  • Project management of social media marketing
  • Analyse, measure and review the effectiveness of SMM using suitable metrics and analytics
  • Report on the implementation and effectiveness of SMM efforts
  • Coordinate and liaise with internal and external stakeholders at all stages of the SMM lifecycle
  • Provide continual feedback of results to other functional areas
  • Ensure SMM tools are kept up-to-date
  • Establish guidelines for client use of social media
  • Apply SEO principles

Pay-Per-Click Specialists

Our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Specialists execute paid search efforts on Google to attract qualified leads, improve lead conversion and support the client’s business objectives. They develop, implement, monitor and manage PPC sponsored ads and contextually-placed ad campaigns on a local, national or global basis (targeting international customers looking in your region).

The PPC Specialist is responsible for producing a PPC campaign that maximises ROI and matches the client’s budget and performance goals. PPC Specialists are extremely detail oriented, highly analytical and possess in-depth knowledge of keyword usage and targeting.

Main Tasks

  • Develops, sorts and hones keyword lists for maximum targeting capabilities
  • Manages keyword usage and targeting effectively
  • Undertake pre-implementation analyses, including market size, competitor analysis and geographic statistics
  • Constructs a negative keyword list
  • Identifies keywords that attract leads and those that actually convert leads
  • Conducts analyses of online visitor profiles
  • Performs a Keyword ROI Analysis
  • Performs successful bidding strategies
  • Manages ad creation and copywriting
  • Performs ongoing monitoring and revision of text used in the advertisements
  • Analyses and evaluates campaign effectiveness
  • Develops recommendations and an Action Plan to sharpen the campaign and improve outcomes
  • Eliminates poorly performing keywords and text
  • Regularly updates clients regarding project milestones (e.g. timelines, budgets and deliverables)
  • Solves complex problems in relation to PPC advertisements and overall project management
  • Use Google Analytics and apply findings to the existing campaign
  • Conducts A and B testing to achieve maximum ROI
  • Analyse Google PPC reports
  • Development of campaign performance reports
  • Monitor PPC field and keep abreast of new PPC trends and techniques
  • Apply SEO best practice
  • Attain growth targets and maximise ROI

Internet & Digital Marketing Auditors

Zanity’s Marketing Auditors perform various analyses and reviews across a range of auditing products – that is, pre-strategy; existing campaigns; digital marketing; social media marketing; online competitor audits; independent, third-party audits; and, IT Systems.

Typically, the auditor determines if the existing or proposed online marketing activity is working / can work to full capacity; is providing / will provide the maximum level of ROI it could be providing; has potential risks and weaknesses in the campaign; what’s working and what’s not; and, delivers available opportunities and recommendations.

Auditors possess comprehensive knowledge of the activity they’re auditing; have highly developed critical thinking skills; and, hold excellent analytical and reporting skills. They approach all audits with objectivity and apply procedures that produce unbiased and reliable results.

Main Tasks

  • Conduct audits of existing or proposed campaigns or online marketing activities in question in order to establish effectiveness, ROI and the overall campaign status / health (e.g. Internet marketing, digital marketing, IT systems or social media marketing)
  • Develops customised audit strategies and procedures to suit the scenario
  • Evaluates and improves audit processes and methods
  • Continually reviews the reliability and integrity of audit processes and findings
  • Liaises with clients to identify and develop the objectives of the marketing campaign
  • Prepare audit reports, detailing findings, available opportunities, recommendations and proposed actions
  • Responsible for interaction and communication with clients regarding the explanation of audit findings and recommendations

Online Reputation Management Specialists

Our Online Reputation Management (ORM) Specialists apply Internet marketing, SEO and additional actions in order to strengthen and promote the client’s positive image; defend the client’s reputation from deceitful entities online; and, downplay or remove negative and irrelevant listings online. Our ORM Specialists firstly repair and then manage the client’s online presence.

Zanity’s ORM Specialists analyse the online landscape; develop an ORM strategy to move forward; implement the actions; and then monitor the client’s online presence. They possess well developed organisational skills, are tactful, and have excellent negotiation skills.

Main Tasks

  • Conduct audits of the online landscape, identifying positive and negative mentions
  • Develop an inventory of negative and irrelevant mentions
  • Develop a plan to deal with repair and management
  • Continually monitor online mentions surrounding the business, brand, product / service or individual
  • Investigate negative mentions (e.g. the source, topic, search engine ranking)
  • Liaise with the client to determine the types of listings that are considered negative, positive or irrelevant
  • Evaluate risk or threat level
  • Develop an ORM Strategy, ensuring repair will take the least amount of time, effort and budget
  • Implement online reputation repair actions (e.g. positive mention creation)
  • Undertake preventative actions to minimise risk in the future
  • Undertake SEO activities to ensure negative and irrelevant, high ranking listings are replaced with positive listings
  • Undertake activities that will create positive online mentions (i.e. online and offline)
  • Perform link development to promote SEO
  • Apply Web analytics findings to promote positive mentions
  • Report on the effectiveness of the ORM campaign at key strategic points
  • Collaborate with the client, where applicable (e.g. marketing and PR people), to repair a negative reputation

Link Development Specialists

Zanity’s Link Development Specialists build high quality online links and remove those of low quality, thereby creating an effective, link building strategy that contributes to client listings being ranked highly in the search engines. Link Development Specialists work closely with SEO specialists, as effective link building contributes significantly to top search engine rankings.

Our Link Development Specialists constantly evolve and keep up-to-date with the latest search engine marketing developments and link acquisition strategies. They also provide advice, guidance and support to other functional areas within the organisation.

Main Tasks

  • Develop link building strategies
  • Cultivate a deep understanding of client objectives, the object that is being marketed online and the context within which it exists (e.g. product, service, industry)
  • Develop links that are of high quality and relevant via such avenues as social media, blogs, articles and press releases
  • Remove low quality links
  • Undertake link prospecting and site identification in order to attain quality links
  • Apply link analytical tools in order to track, monitor and assess current links
  • Use results from analysis to continually refine the link building strategy
  • Apply in-depth knowledge of SEO to link development
  • Support the identification of effective keywords
  • Collaborate with Search Engine Analysts to coordinate the link development strategy with other marketing strategies
  • Collaborate with Search Engine Analysts to facilitate SEO maximisation in order to gain top search engine rankings
  • Prepare reports regarding link development strategies, implementation and outcomes
  • Liaise with clients who require consultancy and support services
  • Undertake risk assessment in terms of link building strategising
  • Remain abreast of innovative link building strategies, link acquisition and search engine marketing
  • Carry out independent testing of link building tools and techniques
  • Provide advice to other functional areas within Zanity in regard to best practice link building strategies, tools and techniques

Google Maps Marketing Experts

Our Google Maps Marketing Experts work within Google Maps / Google Places to ensure your listing is optimised and achieves top rankings in this highly accessed and highly ranked platform. They ensure that our clients’ Google Maps listings generate qualified leads to your website and your bricks and mortar store. Google Maps Marketing Experts are also responsible for ensuring the listing is as positive as it can be and remains so.

Main Tasks

  • Apply knowledge of Google Maps / Google Places optimisation and search engine optimisation techniques
  • Apply Google Maps optimisation and SEO tools and techniques to ensure high ranking positions for client listings and to attract qualified leads to your website and bricks & mortar store
  • Liaise with clients to gain full understanding of their brand and the message they want to tell their target audience
  • Collaborate with Search Engine Analysts to maximise optimisation across the entire campaign
  • Undertake competitor analysis to identify the online landscape and potential areas to be targeted
  • Combine Google Maps pages if required
  • Undertake keyword analyses in order to perform effective targeting of search keywords
  • Map listing creation or claiming
  • Upload data onto Google Maps to ensure 100% completion rating
  • Generate citations and references
  • Promote positive Google Maps reviews
  • Monitor and manage Google Maps to ensure that listings remain positive and continue to convey the intended message
  • Embed and program plots for your website (e.g. integrate Google Earth for a street view; show driving routes; and, create maps for apps, iPads and mobi sites)

Social Bookmarking Experts

Zanity’s Social Bookmarking Experts carry out the tasks of creating, updating, monitoring, managing continually improving and reporting on optimisation surrounding the activity of social bookmarking. Our Social Bookmarking Experts use social bookmarking as a tool to connect with a wider network of traffic and promote the business’ website to the millions of people who use social networking sites.

Social Bookmarking Experts develop their own strategy that is positioned within the overall IM strategy and contributes to SEO. For this reason, Social Bookmarking Experts work closely with others in the IM campaign and possess significant knowledge of SEO and social media. They also possess excellent organisational skills as they deal with substantial quantities of data on a daily basis.

Main Tasks

  • Develop Social Booking Marketing strategies that contribute to the achievement of preset campaign objectives and work in unison with other functional areas
  • Implement activities that are set out in the Social Bookmarking Strategy
  • Gather information and content to be used
  • Assess content for quality and relevance to project objectives
  • Prepare articles to be posted
  • Evaluate whether the content is suitable in terms of sharing, commenting upon and responding
  • Post to popular social bookmarking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Dig, Delicious, Spurl, etc.
  • Update social bookmarking sites on a weekly basis as per requirements
  • Develop and maintain calendars to remain organised and ensure maximum campaign effectiveness
  • Prepare reports and associated documentation of best practices, activities and results
  • Evaluate and inform other functional areas about new social bookmarking tools and techniques
  • Project management of multiple social bookmarking campaigns and tasks

Project Management Professionals

Zanity’s Project Managers are involved in the planning, coordination, implementation, monitoring, reporting and successful completion of IM campaigns. Project Managers ensure that campaigns run in alignment with predetermined strategies and objectives of the marketing campaign.

Zanity’s Project Managers are professionally certified with qualifications in IT; Engineering; Management; PRINCE2; PMBOK; AQF; PMP; and, RegPM. They possess exceptional organisational and time management skills, leadership qualities, thorough knowledge of every aspect of the IM campaign and highly developed interpersonal skills.

Main Tasks

  • Participate in strategy development
  • Lead the strategic planning of an IM campaign
  • Lead a team in project auditing
  • Liaise with staff involved in the campaign regarding strategic direction
  • Lead the implementation of the IM campaign in line with strategic direction
  • Determine tasks and budget requirements
  • Develop Action Plans and timelines
  • Coordinate human resources
  • Manage budget and resources
  • Work with others to solve problems across projects
  • Track project deliverables
  • Develop progress reports to internal and external stakeholders
  • Presentation of reports
  • Change management
  • Evaluate and assess project results and outcomes
  • Quality assurance
  • Client liaison
  • Risk management, in particular developing and implementing strategies that mitigate risk
  • Continuously update project management methodologies and tools in line with best practice
  • Carry out PM training and workshops in PRINCE2

Email Marketers

Zanity’s Email Marketers send emails that are strategically crafted to acquire new customers; persuade existing customers to buy again; encourage customer loyalty; and, enhance the customer relationship. Our Email Marketers design content, create offers and convey messages that generate highly qualified subscribers and sales conversion.

Email Marketers possess intimate knowledge of the product / service they’re selling; the target audience; know-how in terms of reader engagement; and, writing compelling content. They are highly organised, possessing well developed analytical and reporting skills.

Main Tasks

  • Use email analytics to assess campaign performance
  • Report and document campaign performance to clients and other functional areas involved in the overall IM campaign
  • Integrate the email campaign with other platforms (e.g. social and mobile) to provide support and contribute to a highly functioning campaign
  • Write email content that informs prospects of how they can get what they want
  • Write email content to improve the client’s relationship with prospects and subscribers
  • Write relevant and valuable email messages
  • Send direct promotional emails that acquire new customers or persuade existing customers to buy again
  • Send emails designed to encourage customer loyalty and enhance the customer relationship
  • Place marketing messages or advertisements in emails sent by other people
  • Segment the customer database to create targeted messages
  • Integrate email use with social media
  • Use email auto responses for marketing and customer support
  • Know and apply best practice in email lead handling
  • Handle dead leads via email
  • Build mailing lists for email and mobile numbers
  • Use email to communicate expertise

Keyword Research Analysts

Zanity’s Keyword Research Analysts research, identify, monitor and maintain keyword lists for IM campaigns. At the core of a successful IM program, the Keyword Research Analyst works closely with each functional area, particularly the Search Engine Analyst.

Keyword Research Analysts possess a deep understanding of the client’s product / services and comprehensive knowledge of SEO. They have significant analytical capabilities, excellent research skills and reporting abilities.

Main Tasks

  • Research and identify a list of the most important keywords in the client’s online space and market
  • Provide recommendations as to which keywords should be targeted for maximum results
  • Develop a list of keywords related to a specific geographic location
  • Ascertain whether other entities online are targeting the same keywords (e.g. in relation to the business, brand, product / service or individuals)
  • Develop a negative keyword list that contains keywords that are unproductive in achieving results
  • Perform a keyword ROI analysis that involves the calculation of estimates of keyword ROI
  • Develop a competitor keyword list to identify keywords used by competitors
  • Continually monitor the effectiveness of keywords being targeted and revise as necessary
  • Undertake an analysis of the online market space and landscape in order to identify new keywords and permutations to be targeted
  • Identify generic, medium and long tail keywords for each page and its services
  • Identify both high volume (i.e. most popularly searched) and low competition keywords
  • Use keyword software and tools to achieve maximum campaign effectiveness (e.g. Google Analytics)
  • Collaborate with Search Engine Analysts to develop SEO strategy and keywords to be used in on-page Optimisation and Off-Page Optimisation
  • Prepare keyword ranking reports – Google, Yahoo and Bing – for clients and other functional areas within the IM campaign

Online IP Security Analysts

Zanity’s Online IP Security Analysts ensure your online IP is secure, protected and owned by your business rather than someone else. They make certain that any available online IP that could fall into the wrong hands and be misused is locked up and owned by you, even if it isn’t going to be used in the campaign.

Our Online IP Security Analysts protect and maintain online IP – efficiently and effectively. They play a pivotal role in online security. However, by default, they also provide additional avenues for qualified lead generation.

Main Tasks

  • Develop an Online IP strategies
  • Undertake Online IP Audits, highlighting security concerns and a plan of action to provide maximum defence
  • Develop a current Online IP list
  • Undertake security activities, such as domain registration and trademarking
  • Maintain secure Online IP, particularly domains relating to the client’s business name, service offerings, key staff and social media
  • Conduct online research to identify potential domains and landing pages that could employ these domains
  • Prepare reports for clients and internal stakeholders, documenting current and proposed activities, budgets and timelines
  • Provide ongoing management to ensure maximum protection
  • Develop processes and mechanisms to effectively manage ongoing online IP issues
  • Keep up-to-date and apply Online IP best practice

Search Engine Optimisation Analyst

Zanity’s Search Engine Optimisation Analysts are responsible for monitoring overall search engine performance for search engine marketing campaigns. The Analyst works with the Web development team to implement search strategies and track the effectiveness of new and existing campaigns.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Analysts possess strong analytic capabilities, with specific knowledge of online marketing analytics. They produce quarterly reporting on assigned analytic projects and conduct independent analysis to assist search engine strategy.

Main Tasks

  • Monitor, track and report on paid search metrics, including trend analysis
  • Provide support for search engine optimisation recommendations
  • Interact with copywriters to optimise copy and landing pages for search engine marketing
  • Assist in keyword discovery and expansion
  • Research top keyword ranking by category
  • Analyse websites and deliver recommendations for effective SEO
  • Analyse key metrics in order to gather data to improve click-through and conversion rates
  • Report on progress and outcomes
  • Make decisions and deliver recommendations regarding campaign direction and strategic
  • Identify SEO campaign opportunities

Art Directors

Our art directors are responsible for creating visual concepts for all of what we do, from billboard advertisements and magazine layouts to videos and websites. They're also the inspired minds that enhance the creative skills of others.

Main Tasks

  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Keep abreast of popular culture
  • Manage and train a creative team
  • Work under tight deadlines
  • Manage client needs

Graphic Designers

Our graphic designers work with type and images to create advertisements, websites, books, magazines, posters, catalogues and other products. A big misconception is that good design is simply about aesthetics – functionality is equally important.

Main Tasks

  • Transform ideas into print and online design
  • Create designs under deadline pressure
  • Revise designs in response to feedback
  • Learn the latest computer software
  • Liaise with clients
  • Prepare documents for print


Our illustrators combine the technical skills and creativity of drawing and painting to communicate ideas, sensations, facts, feelings and emotions. Illustrators work in line with commercial briefs to inform, persuade or entertain a client's intended audience, adjusting the mood and style of images accordingly.

Main Tasks

  • Liaise with clients, editors and authors in order to understand and interpret business needs
  • Build and develop an understanding of what styles are appropriate
  • Think creatively and use imagination to produce new ideas
  • Create images and designs by use of traditional techniques such as drawing and painting to meet design briefs
  • Provide preliminaries for approval
  • Redefine briefs through thorough client consultation to include new ideas as appropriate


Our animators work in 2D/3D computer generated animation and modelling. CGI features strongly in motion pictures to create special effects or a complete animated film, as well as many aspects within video, internet and computer games.

Main Tasks

  • Create storyboards that depict the script and narrative
  • Draw sketches, artwork and illustrations in 2D
  • Design models, backgrounds, sets, characters, objects and the animation environment
  • Develop the timing and pace of a character's or object's movements during the image sequence (animatic), while ensuring that they follow the soundtrack and audio script
  • Build up accurate and detailed frame-by-frame visuals

IT Architects

An IT architect is a software engineer who creates complex web applications. The programming languages that web developers currently use include:

  • (server side) .NET, PHP, Java, Perk
  • (client side) JavaScript, Ajax, HTML, CSS
  • To collect information from web users, the popular relational database technologies utilised by our developers include MYSQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. XML is also used frequently for document data transfer.

Main Tasks

  • Run complex projects/programs from design and development to production
  • Define requirement and plan project lifecycle deployment
  • Define resources and schedule for project/program implementation
  • Create strategies for risk mitigation and contingency planning
  • Plan and schedule project deliverables, goals and milestones
  • Efficiently identify and solve project issues

Search Engine Analysts

The Search Engine Analyst responsible for monitoring overall search engine performance for SEM campaigns. The Analyst works with the web development team to implement search strategies and track the effectiveness of new and existing campaigns.

They have a strong analytic capability, with specific knowledge of online marketing analytics. They produce quarterly reporting on assigned analytic projects and independent analysis to assist in search engine strategy.

Main Tasks

  • Monitor, track and report on paid search metrics, including trend analysis
  • Provide support for search engine optimisation recommendations
  • Interact with copywriters to optimise copy and landing pages for search engine marketing
  • Assist in keyword discovery and expansion
  • Research top keyword ranking by category

Web Developers

Our web developers are software engineers who develop applications for the worldwide web. Web applications use both servers and web clients (web browsers).

Some of the programming that web developers currently use include:

  • (server side) .NET, PHP, Java, Perk
  • (client side) JavaScript, Ajax, HTML, CSS
  • To collect information from web users, the popular relational database technologies utilised by our developers include MYSQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. XML is also used frequently for document data transfer.

Main Tasks

  • Development roles (hands-on coding)
  • Database management
  • Test and optimisation

Strategic Advisors

Our strategic advisors are responsible for conducting marketing consultations for our clients. They discuss the business's marketing and advertising efforts, target markets and audiences, and make clear any objections regarding current efforts. Based on this, the strategic advisor is responsible for making appropriate recommendations for the strategies that best suit current and future needs. They are an integral part of client success.

Main Tasks

  • Consult and educate clients to help them successfully integrate advertising and the internet into existing marketing strategies
  • Conduct demonstrations of our recommendations
  • Write analysis reports
  • Follow results and reach objectives


Zanity’s Copywriters generate the copy that is used throughout the client’s marketing and sales instruments. They strategically write copy to promote the brand’s message, informing and educating existing and prospective customers about the products / services they are marketing. They write engaging and appealing copy that compels leads to act, thereby converting into sales.

Copywriters work closely with other functional areas to ensure consistency throughout the project and contribute to the right message being told.

Main Tasks

  • Write sales copy, ensuring quality, consistency and maximum selling effectiveness
  • Review, edit and improve existing copy when required to ensure the highest standards
  • Ensure all copy is written with the goal of generating qualified leads and maximising conversion
  • Gain an understanding of the client’s brand, products / services, benefits and core message in order to deliver relevant copy
  • Gain an understanding of the target market / audience in order to deliver highly relevant, engaging and compelling copy
  • Align copy with the IM Strategy to ensure it contributes to the attainment of marketing objectives
  • Ensure consistency of the client’s brand message when writing across multiple platforms
  • Leverage best copy in order to contribute to maximum ROI
  • Apply in-depth understanding of legal and ethical matters
  • Collaborate with other functional areas working on the IM campaign to ensure the copy is delivering maximum effect and is appropriate
  • Use quality metrics in order to determine that the copy has increased performance
  • Consult with clients, modifying and finalising copy as necessary
  • Prioritise projects and effective time management
  • Evaluate client feedback and metrics for continual improvement
  • Understand SEO and collaborate on projects with Search Engine Analysts

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