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Online Shopping Cart Websites

Shopping Cart software and design that makes good cents!

One of the most important elements of website design and selling your products / services online is ensuring customers are able to make payment easily, correctly and hassle-free. It is critically important that you get your website shopping cart system right.

Online shopping cart software allows customers to buy your products and services, thereby converting these all-important leads into sales.

Studies show that nearly 20% of potential online customers never complete payment transactions due to a confusing checkout procedure.

In such scenarios, it has been found that the process up until the shopping cart or payment form is fine. However, once the prospect encounters the actual payment system, which is confusing and unclear, they click off without completing the purchase and never return to the website.

Zanity’s Website Shopping Cart & Payment Solution

Our experts design, develop and / or redevelop your website’s payment system to ensure optimal sales conversion. Our Online Shopping Cart websites deliver:

  • Consumer confidence. At Zanity, we understand the importance of instilling confidence in each and every customer who visits your site. Online customers will not make a purchase unless they feel that their personal information is being properly protected when making that purchase and it's clear to them how their money is being processed.
  • Convenience and a simplified method for taking orders.
  • Secure payments can be made and received.
  • Inventory management becomes a cinch.
  • DIY product listings editing. No special knowledge or software is required. Updating and editing of the website content can be performed at any time without the need to pay an IT expert to do so.
  • Order management tool. The cart software records all transactions, allowing for examination at any time.
  • Able to be linked with a range of payment gateways. Because the system is completely automated, the user is able to quickly and easily progress to the checkout with shipping calculated instantly.
  • Setup of the online shopping cart system. We create the copy and product listings during setup. Photos are edited in Photoshop for maximum impact.
  • Custom design. We deliver a shopping cart system to suit your needs specifically.
  • Layout (e.g. banners and menu items) to produce maximum outcomes.
  • Site search. Our shopping cart websites include an effective site search function.
  • Global eCommerce. Even if your website is designed to focus exclusively on your local community as your customer base, you may still receive orders and requests on a global basis. So it's important that you include specific instructions and payment options that both local and global customers can understand. Having worked with clients from every corner of the world, we know what steps have to be taken to be sure you make every sale.
  • Scalable. It's very important that your eCommerce portal is designed to grow as your business grows. As your customer base widens, so will your need to keep track of both potential and paying customers. You may even choose to move to a database type of system that allows you to carry out some of your marketing techniques via automation (such as emails and newsletters).
  • Natural SEO. Zanity offers supreme search engine optimisation to ensure your business, products and / or services are highly visible and found by the customer in the first place.

After carefully discussing your exact needs, our Zanity experts will design a user-friendly checkout and purchase system that provides ease of use and comfort to all your customers. A key part of our custom design includes the security measures needed to make each transaction safe and processed as quickly as possible.

Whether you’re a small, medium or large business, contact one of our expert Zanity consultants to find out how we can help you optimise sales as you expand your online presence.

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