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Who & When?: Online Reputation Management

Who can benefit from Zanity's ORM campaign?

Who & When

Online Reputation Management is beneficial to any business or individual that promotes their brand in the online space. However, if your brand appears in the top listings of a search engine – particularly in the Top 20 – then Zanity's Online Reputation Management service is a "must have".

Often associated with negative comments or reviews from customers, harmful listings requiring ORM can be the result of:

  • Slanderous campaigns by competitors
  • Illegal activities that negatively impact your brand (such as trademark breaches) .
  • Factual information. Negative listings are not always associated with incorrect statements. They can also be truthful accounts, such as incidents that make their way into the public domain (e.g. court cases) .


Zanity has carried out numerous successful ORM campaigns, including:

Case Study: International Business

Serious negative listings in the top Google search results had caused loss of business.
Zanity's ORM campaign revolved around several keywords and included SEO, Geo targeting, website development, establishment of blog, linking techniques and a forum buyout.
Negative listings were removed from the Top 20 rankings in six months.

Case Study: Marketing Firm

Complaints on a popular platform.
Zanity undertook an ORM campaign that involved the application of SEO techniques; the development and revision of content; revision of keywords; and, posts on social media, blogs and forums.
Negative listings were removed from the Top 20 search engine rankings within a few months.

When should you begin an Online Reputation program?

The straightforward answer to this is – immediately.

When should you begin

If a negative listing(s) surrounding your brand, business or employee is in the top results of a search engine, you should act now.

Every minute you wait, can harm your reputation.

It is often thought that negative listings will organically disappear from the top search results within time. This presumption is wrong! What happens is that the top rankings are increasingly clicked on, contributing to earning that higher ranking. In effect, instead of moving out of the top rankings, the negative listing is experiencing what it needs to remain in the top position – more clicks and more views.

In many cases, our solution involves negative listings being pushed down in the rankings and replaced with positive listings. This task requires dedicated effort and knowledge of search engine policies and practice, not a wait and see approach.

Why Zanity?

Because at Zanity, we are the Online Reputation Management experts.

Offering clients a range of packages to repair and manage their online brand and profile reputation, Zanity has an extensive track record in ORM. We know that not every business or breach is the same. For this reason, and to maximise effectiveness, solutions are specifically customised.

It's also important to remember that the managing of reputations, brands and profiles is an ongoing business activity. This is why Zanity offers attractive packages that provide continual, cost-effective monitoring. Short-term packages might be favoured at the outset; however, over the long run, consequences can be disastrous and extremely expensive.

Zanity is also different from other ORM firms. We understand what search engines want and know that standalone, high keyword density strategies don't work and are even penalised. From preliminary analysis to issues identification, legal representation to real results, Zanity stands above the rest.

Contact us today to ask about one of our Online Reputation Management packages.

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