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Goals, Objectives & Outcomes: Online Reputation Management

Goals, Objectives & Outcomes

Online Reputation Management is an essential activity for any business wanting to protect, repair, monitor and manage their brand in the online space. With exacting goals, objectives and outcomes, Zanity safeguards your online brand, allowing you peace-of-mind and the freedom to concentrate on the ultimate goal or your business – sales.

Goals: Online Reputation Management

One of the most important components of managing an online brand, the goal of Online Reputation Management is to promote and emphasise a credible, positive brand representation across the entire Internet. Because online users typically only view the Top 20 listings in a search engine – at most – it is these that are focused upon and are at the centre of ORM.

Key Objectives: Online Reputation Management

At its core, Online Reputation Management entails:

  • Strengthening and promoting your positive online image
  • Defending your brand from deceitful activities and persons / firms online
  • Downplaying or removing negative listings / image online

Outcomes: Online Reputation Management

The results of a successful ORM campaign lead to:

  • A positive reputation
  • Building confidence in your brand
  • Knowing that your brand is credible
  • Knowing that your business is trustworthy
  • Knowing that your business sells quality products and services
  • Conveying the intended message to your target audience without obstacles
  • Assisting in developing the emotional bond of your brand
  • Assisting brand allegiance by providing only positive listings
  • Assisting lead conversion (new and repeat business)

Why Zanity?

Zanity's vast experience and successful outcomes in the field of ORM is underpinned by our highly trained people and extensive knowledge in the area of search engine optimisation. Protecting online profiles for many years, Zanity knows what's effective – keeping up-to-date on the latest ORM tools and techniques.

With more and more activity online, the risk of harm is increasing daily and the more prominent your online presence, the even greater your risk. And, due to the uniqueness of the Internet, once a negative listing is out in cyberspace, it can quickly become viral. Zanity allows your business to take the driver's seat, regaining control over your brand image.

Halting the spread of illegal online content is a critical component of an effective ORM – something which Zanity has experience with. Don't become a victim of a negative listing after you've put so much effort into building your business and brand. All it takes is one negative review, testimonial or comment and your business' character can be called into question or even destroyed.

Click here to contact us about engaging Zanity to repair, protect and manage your online reputation today.

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