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Benefits of Online Reputation Management

Benefits of ORM

Each day, more and more information is uploaded online. Not all of it is in a positive light. Don't be one of those businesses that goes to great efforts, achieving top rankings in search engines, only to be let down by negative listings.

ORM is not just about protecting or safeguarding a brand name and its core business offerings , it also extends to employees, partners and images – essentially any element online that can harm a business.

t's also critical to note that online listings are used in a variety of ways:

  • By prospects to purchase products and services
  • By prospects to conduct research on a business, product or service
  • By potential investors conducting due diligence
  • By media to gather information for stories
  • By potential employees for recruitment purposes

Consequently, a negative listing has the potential to do untold harm.

Don't let your business-prospect relationship fail before it even begins, shattering the trust a prospect has in the quality of your products / service, your integrity as an individual or business and your credibility.

Online Reputation Management or Online Profile Management provides an array of benefits to business, including:

ORM conveys your best story

Online Reputation Management guarantees that the intended message about a product, service, business, brand or profile is conveyed. It allows the best story to be told online, no obstacles. Prospects are met with positive, good news stories.

ORM removes negative and irrelevant listings from top rankings

Apart from removing negative listings from top rankings, irrelevant content is also downplayed or removed, freeing up room for positive listings surrounding keywords in your online business space.

ORM is cost-effective

Online Reputation Management costs business considerably less than the expenses associated with online reputation harm. That is, the fees incurred to manage a profile or brand online are significantly lower than the costs associated with a lack of trust by customers, stress and pain suffered by business owners / operators, loss of business ; and , loss of sales.

ORM promotes positive digital word-of-mouth

Digital word-of-mouth, under perfect conditions, is like wildfire. The viral nature of the Internet, and level of participation online, has combined to make it a powerful tool in getting the message out about your products, services, expertise and brand. However, when this message is tainted by a negative listing, the effects can be devastating. Online Reputation Management ensures this digital word-of-mouth is positive. Zanity monitors the buzz and informs clients of what it means for their business.

ORM provides control over Google rankings

The bedrock of ORM, search engine optimisation provides Google Top 10 management for keywords associated with your business, brand, product, service or profiles. Online search behaviour dictates that these Top 10 search engine results are the most viewed. Users are bombarded with these listings. If a negative listing is present, reputation harm results. By undertaking an ORM campaign, businesses are essentially taking back control over these Top 10 rankings.

Why Zanity?

Whether a negative listing makes its way into the top rankings of a search engine via a dissatisfied customer, malicious competitor, disgruntled employee, or any other method, Zanity has a proven track record of cleaning it up and removing it from the Top 20 rankings.

We've assembled a team of online reputation experts with unparalleled experience, knowledge of search engine optimisation techniques and online profile management capabilities.

Zanity tailors their ORM service to your unique situation and uses advanced techniques. The benefits of a highly-effective ORM campaign are unsurpassed in the online marketing world. On the reverse side of the equation, however, businesses can't afford to overlook an ORM campaign in their online efforts when their reputation is on the line. There is too much at stake.

To experience the benefits of Zanity's ORM service, please contact one of our project managers today.

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