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Custom Web Systems

Solutions can be custom built to meet your specific requirements

Custom built solutions typically involve building software applications that model your unique business processes, and integrating these with our existing modules and your other internal IT systems. Zanity has delivered custom built solutions from around $10,000 to in excess of $200,000.

Custom Built Solutions

Building customised software applications can be complex in terms of technological implementation, but also in the project management of the various parties involved with delivering the final solution on time and within budget.

Our software development processes have evolved in line with industry best practices. We can confidently claim that every custom project undertaken within our process has been delivered exceeding our client's expectations, within the time-frames and costs agreed to at the start of the project.

The following principles underpin our methodologies:

  • Fixed price contractsAt each stage of the project we provide a fixed price to deliver the specified solution.
  • We don't assume that YOU know or can communicate all requirements Many software projects fail for this reason, as defining requirements is difficult. We work with you to help determine the requirements you are aware of, but also spend time analysing your business processes to determine other issues which may impact the delivered solution.
  • Our clients must be involved in the project from inception to completion Every two weeks, right through development of the project, we aim to deliver major milestones and testable versions of work completed. This provides important feedback to you, and allows you to pick up potential issues as early in the development cycle as possible.
  • Expect change As a project evolves, we always find that requirements change or new details emerge which were previously not considered. Our software designs are specifically engineered to respond to change as quickly and cost effectively as possible, but also provide a flexible foundation for future evolution of the software.

Key phases in the delivery of a custom project:

Custom Built Solutions
  • Feasibility Study Where there is a degree of uncertainty or technical risk, we can undertake a feasibility study to provide budget estimates and options to move forward.
  • Scoping We define the requirements and functionality of the system, resulting in a formal Functional Specification. This document defines accurately what we are going to deliver, the project plan and milestones, and is the basis for a fixed price contract to complete the project.
  • Development We work through the process of implementing the software solution as per the Functional Specification, through an iterative process of develop / test / deliver.
  • Final System Testing Once the software is complete and tested, a program of formal testing is put in place to ensure the solution is solid and functioning correctly.

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