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Consulting: Internet & Digital Marketing Zanity Provides All Your High Level Internet Marketing & Digital Solutions, Advice, Support, Assistance & Consultancy Requirements


At Zanity, our consultancy team helps you make sense of all - things IM and Digital Marketing. Our goal is to make you successful online and achieve maximum ROI for your business.

We want you to tap into our knowledge base and skillset, making your IM & Digital Campaign the best that it can be.

The Zanity consultancy team thrives on your business growing, your sales increasing, your online visibility improving, your conversion rates increasing and the achievement of a healthy return on marketing investment.

Zanity consulting will help you attain real results, reaching the heights you deserve and turning your plans into reality.

We understand that every business and each problem is unique. For this reason, we provide customised consultancy services that are shaped around what it is you are wanting to achieve or what unique problem you need solved. See below for some of our consultancy services:

  • Internet Marketing Strategies

    We can help develop and implement powerful strategies that drive powerful campaigns. (Click here for more)

  • Audits

    IM, Digital, Social Media, Pre-Strategy. Comprehensive audits that achieve best practice and take your campaign to the next level. (Click here for more)

  • Organic Search Engine Marketing Strategy

    Our Organic / Natural SEO Strategies ensure your business listings are ranked in the top positions of the most used search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo and Bing). (Click here for more)

  • Paid Advertising Strategy

    Our experts are able to help with all your paid marketing needs, ensuring high visibility and the generation of qualified leads. (Click here for more)

  • Social Media Marketing Strategies

    Let Zanity help you harness the power of Social Media Marketing. (Click here for more)

  • Web Design & Development Strategies

    Compelling, attractive and user-friendly designs that assist in achieving marketing objectives. (Click here for more)

  • Email Marketing Strategy

    Using email to for customer acquisition or retention is a powerful business tool.

  • Content Development & Marketing Strategy

    Content that instantly speaks to prospective customers and compels them to act. We can also help ensure that the most effective keywords are used and that optimisation is achieved.

  • Online Acquisition & Online Retention Strategy

    We know what works and what doesn't when it comes to attracting qualified leads that convert into sales online. We also know how to retain your customers, preventing them from turning to your competitors.

  • Customer & Marketplace Analysis

    Our consultancy team can identify who your customer is online, their behaviours and where they are.

  • Management & Measurement Strategy

    Campaign implementation is not enough. Zanity can help you measure and manage your campaigns, ensuring continual improvement and keeping ahead of your competitors at all times.

  • Competitor Analysis

    Let Zanity help you understand and outperform your competitors online.

  • Website Analytics

    Zanity can help you set up analytics in relation to traffic and conversion, gaining an understanding of what it is that is making your online leads visit, return and convert.

Whole-of-Lifecycle Consultancy Services

Whether you require assistance and support with your current or proposed marketing campaign, Zanity's consultancy team has the expertise to provide it. We are a full-service Internet & Digital Marketing firm and are able to provide you with access to some of the most knowledgeable experts in the industry.

Contact us today for further information about our full suite of consultancy services.

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