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Content Management System (CMS) Websites

Easy, Economical DIY Website Management …

CMS is a user-friendly editing aid that assists simplified editing, additions and the removal of website content using an online interface. It offers a website editing channel to those who aren’t familiar with specific software (such as HTML or Dreamweaver).

No technical knowhow or programming knowledge required!

Who benefits the most from a CMS Website?

CMS websites benefit all users who conduct regular website editing, updating or publishing and do not want their Web designer involved each time – avoiding costs and hassle.

What are the major advantages of a having a CMS website?

The main benefits / advantages of a Content Management System are:

  • Easy access. As long as you have knowledge of the login details and the link address, anyone within your organisation can access it. Users are able to login to edit the website using their normal Web browser. No need for advanced software or knowledge. The interface used is similar to word processing and the content is able to be edited then and there.
  • Controllable data access. Different users can have access to different parts of the website.
  • Minimise data duplication. Able to be updated immediately, no two users will be working simultaneously on the same content.
  • Permits editing of all types of content. CMS is not just about content editing. It allows users to add pages, audio, video, images and photo galleries. And, users can edit the website’s navigation; create and edit forms; text; blog posts; news; products; articles; announcements; and, music.
  • Cost savings. With CMS, you don’t require an IT expert for each edit. Being able to add pages yourself with CMS, rather than paying for each page, your business is able to make significant savings.
  • Time savings. Because editing can be performed instantly via CMS, there is no wasted time of getting a website company involved.
  • Competitive advantage. Being able to update your site immediately means you are able to get your information out immediately, beating your rivals in the process.

CMS and Zanity

Our Zanity experts are able to install and use all types of open source CMS software; however, we specialise in building sites that use: Joomla, Magento, WordPress and Drupal.

To find out about a CMS solution that is right for you and your business, or to talk to one of our experienced specialists, please contact a Zanity expert today.

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