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Break out Sessions

Zanity also delivers dynamic breakout sessions, inviting the ultimate in discussion, debate, idea development and information sharing.

By applying insightful knowledge and industry experience, our Internet & Digital Marketing experts bring out the best in each and every session.

Providing active, entertaining and energetic breakouts, our experts motivate attendees and maximise engagement, interaction and participation. By stimulating interest, breakout sessions with Zanity are highly productive, goal achieving and tap resources that would otherwise go untapped.

Breakout Focus Areas

Zanity breakout subject matter can centre around such themes as: search engine performance and rankings; current and future trends and technologies in the Internet & Digital Marketing arena; online business promotion methods; campaign tracking, metrics and continual improvement; generating qualified leads and improving lead conversion rates; e-commerce; and, not-for-profit organisational performance.

The Benefits of Zanity Breakouts

Based upon selected theme areas, Zanity breakouts offer:

  • Opportunities to learn from industry experts
  • Benefits from idea sharing
  • Brainstorming and problem solving
  • A concentrated learning experience
  • Collective discussion
  • An examination of relevant topics
  • A review of current business practice
  • Development of potentially useful options and solutions
  • Customised sessions that are tailored to problem solving
  • Immediately useful information
  • Clear and practical session objectives
  • Illustration using best practice

Why choose Zanity for your next breakout?

We know what we’re talking about and have achieved real results to back it up:

  • Proven Performance. Zanity has a historical and successful presence in the industry.
  • Diverse, Extensive Experience. Our client list spans small, large, prominent, local, global and a broad range of sectors. We possess the background experience to share at your breakout.
  • A Wealth of Knowledge. In line with our vision to be the best of the best, our people are highly qualified and trained, current with the latest techniques and supported by factual industry research. Our breakout sessions transfer this knowledge to you and your business.
  • Demonstrated Results. We guarantee successful outcomes. Our client testimonials provide evidence of this. Consequently, our breakout content is born out of well-grounded practice.

Interested in a breakout with Zanity or have an enquiry? Please contact one of our Zanity experts today.

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