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Benefits of Social Media Marketing (SMM)


Plug in & benefit from this supreme digital business tool – Advanced Social Media Marketing

At Zanity, we recognised the countless benefits of SMM very early on. By applying this knowledge, Zanity has achieved unrivalled success and helped clients realise business objectives and visions.

In essence, SMM takes advantage of the distinctive qualities of social media to market a profile, brand, business, product or service. An all-encompassing term, social media refers to a myriad of platforms including blogging, social networking, videos, bookmarking, images and much more. Although not a platform for direct selling, SMM has produced positive results that no other marketing channel can seem to attain.

From generating buzz and brand awareness to increasing qualified leads to websites, Zanity’s SMM service ensures clients experience the maximum amount of benefits this innovative marketing tool provides.

The Major Benefits of Social Media Marketing

The overarching benefits of SMM include:

  • Promoting communication between business and target audience
  • Lead generation (in terms of customers, prospects, investors and employees)
  • Brand development and awareness
  • Remaining competitive with rivals
  • An additional platform in which to syndicate content

Additional Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Other benefits of SMM include:

  • Less expensive than other marketing channels(i.e.both online and traditional)
  • Developing “branded” expertise and being viewed as a trusted source of information
  • Interaction with existing customers and prospects
  • Provision of customer service
  • Contentis also user-generated
  • Online community building / networking with those with similar interests and backgrounds
  • Improving search engine rankings/positioning
  • Learning who your customers are and what they think
  • Generation of interest/buzz in your business, products and / or services
  • Driving qualified traffic to websites

Why Zanity?

Because at Zanity, our people’s knowledge of social media and SMM is superior.

We possess vast experience in the implementation of SMM campaigns and know first-hand how powerful this marketing channel is. While the benefits of SMM may elude some firms, it certainly hasn’t with us. Our clients have personally experienced the advantages of partnering with Zanity on a range of Social Media Marketing campaigns.

To find out more about this exciting opportunity and how your business can benefit from Zanity’s SMM service, contact us today.

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