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Online PR

The implementation of a successful Online PR campaign is necessary for any business that has an online presence or wants to use the online space to engage with existing and prospective customers, investors or employees.

If managed correctly, an Online PR campaign will engage, build trust, develop rapport and grow a reputation that will facilitate the realisation of business goals.

Conversely, if done wrongly, an Online PR campaign can be a waste of time, energy and money. This is why it's important that your business partners with an Online PR specialist. At Zanity, we provide this expertise, having been involved in the Online PR business for over a decade.

Zanity's Online PR service offers a range of components that can be implemented as a standalone or complementary solution.

What can a Zanity Online PR Campaign do for your business / profile?

Many high profile organisations and celebrities have profited from Zanity's Online PR service. Some of these benefits include:

  • Maximisation of positive online listings / buzz
  • Minimisation of negative listings
  • Increase of online visibility
  • Improvement of SEO rankings
  • Increase website traffic / online lead generation
  • Online crisis / issue / reputation / profile management
  • Communication of key messages to hypertargeted audiences
  • Brand awareness and interest
  • Engagement, discussion, dialogue, interaction between customer and target
  • Development as an "expert"
  • Competitive advantage / seen as leader of the pack
  • Heightened ability to measure and track the campaign's effectiveness (i.e. via reader impressions, referrals and lead conversion / sales due to a specific online activity)


Why Zanity?

Numerous clients have partnered with Zanity, experiencing the many benefits an Online PR strategy provides. Each Online PR campaign Zanity conducts undergoes an intense analysis in the planning phase. We don't just implement a standardised Online PR and cross our fingers. Our people are some of the best in the industry and our results are just as impressive.

Why not contact Zanity today to find out how your business can benefit from our superior Online PR service.

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